Food Series: Arthur's Nosh Bar

Hello reader!

We recently took a trip to Arthur's Nosh Bar for brunch! It's a wonderfully bright, small yet cozy restaurant in a remote part of St Henri. If you are in the area, you need to check this place out! It's located at 4621 Notre-Dame Street West and a short walk from Place St Henri metro station. We had such a pleasant time here! The staff was welcoming and kind and the food was delicious! Take a look at their website to find out more information about this lovely and quaint Montreal Jewish eatery.

We hope you end up liking this place as much as we did!

​The outside area features a large terrace, which has the same cozy and clean atmosphere as the restaurant inside, especially so on a lovely day like we had. We were also surprised with how quiet the area was, which is refreshing when contrasted with the bustle of downtown Montreal, of which we're used to. The calm and quiet allows restaurant goers to actually have a conversation and listen to one another on the terrace.

The eatery features family pictures, of which most are of the owners' father, of whom the restaurant is named after. The lovely decor makes the restaurant feel wonderfully home-y and comfortable - almost like you're in your own dining room.

The decor is modern yet still has that old school feel. A beautiful juxtaposition between a traditional diner and a new modern restaurant.

As seen from the picture above, the menu boasts a wide variety of dishes. The breakfast menu touches all bases and we think will appeal to all, ranging from sweet dishes to savoury ones. The plates are large and satisfying but not too much that you feel overstuffed afterwards. We really appreciated that the food was all fresh. The menu also reflected the restaurant's goal. As mentioned from their website, they set out to serve good and honest food, as well as appeal to foodies - much like the owners' father was.

We wanted to try everything on the menu! We are so indecisive especially when it comes to food! Plus, everything looked so good! We kept eyeing everyone else's dishes as they made their way out of the kitchen. The waitresses were kind enough to give us recommendations which steered us to choose the Avo Toast and Latke Smorgasbord.

Casandra had the Avo Toast with a side of Spicy Cucumber salad (not pictured). The avocado mix was light and refreshing and it contrasted beautifully with the slight heat from the chillies and hot sauce. The fried egg was just right, so much so that it oozed out the perfect amount of yolk when sliced through with a knife. It was so incredibly satisfying and fresh! A definite recommendation if you're looking for something fresh and delicious.

Kristin had the Latke Smorgasbord and she loved it! It is a classic and popular dish on the menu that will satisfy your hunger. The smoked salmon is topped with bits of caviar and the Latke is iced with a drop of sour cream and a sweet sauce. Latke is a flattened, fried potato that is crispy and savory. The pressed Challah roll is a wholesome, light and sweet bread which brought the whole dish together. If you want to have an authentic Jewish dish, you need to try this one out! It is a simple but delicious combination of flavors- a mix of sweet and savory. The perfect meal for brunch!

On Kristin: Top: Abercrombie & Fitch (similiar)

On Casandra: Denim Jacket: Forever 21 (here) / Blouse: Forever 21 (similar)

On Casandra: Sneakers: Adidas (here) / Jeans: Topshop (similar)

On Kristin: Shoes: Superga (here) /Aeropostale (similar)

Overall, we are immensely satisfied with our trip to Arthur's! Amazing food, great atmosphere and a welcoming staff. A wonderful experience and we will definitely come back here! We highly recommend you make to the trip to St-Henri and check out this lovely eatery - it's worth it!

All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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