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It's another post in our Event Series and we're discussing accessories. Now that you decided on what to wear with help from our previous posts (here + here), the only thing left to do is to accessorize! Let's be clear that these are vital pieces that can make or break your outfit. We've already touched upon clutches and what to pack them with (check out that post here). Now, let's talk about the other finishing touches of a good evening outfit!

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The Shoes: Shoes are so important to an outfit! A bold, statement shoe or a subtle heel can be the perfect compliment to any type of evening wear. But which ones? On a night out, we recommend you opt for comfort. If you'll be dancing all night and often on your feet, the last thing you want to be worried about is pain. To look and feel confident, you need to be comfortable. So, if you aren't used to heels, maybe opt for a flat or wedge sandal. Don't be afraid to try a chunky heel! It might be intimidating but they are surprisingly very easy to walk in.

Below, we've provided some options for shoes:

Caragna Bone Women's Dress Heels at Aldo: C$70 (here) You can never go wrong with a nude strappy sandal (these also come in black!). They're the perfect way to bring the focus to your clothes. These are only 3.5" so they aren't too high, meaning they'll be comfortable and easy to wear throughout the night.

Silver - Toned High Heel Shoes at Zara: C$59.90 (here)

A silver, block heel shoe can add both oomph and comfort to your look! The thicker heel and the low heel height (they're only 2.3") will allow for easier and longer wear.

Lolita Ballet Flats at Asos: C$44.83 (here)

These beautiful ballet flats have just enough shimmer and flair to accompany any ensemble! You'll be comfortable enough to dance the night away and look cute while doing it!

The Jewellery: Finding the perfect accessories to your outfit can be a difficult task. Firstly, you should understand what tones fit your skin the best. Those with neutral undertones can wear both gold and silver. However, often times silver compliments those with cooler undertones and gold compliments those with warmer undertones. A good alternative that suits all skin tones is rose gold - it warms those with cooler undertones and cools down the warmer undertones.

Depending on your outfit, you either want to wear something big and bold or soft and subtle for your accessories! Below are a few suggestions of pieces you may want to complement your outfit with:

Sommarese at Spring: C$9.98 (on sale! - here)

A stack of bracelets is always a great idea. You can wear them all together or wear them separately or just a few at once. This is a lovely delicate option with just the right amount of sparkle.

Bar Hoop Earrings at Simons: C$15 (here)

Minimalist earrings are on trend! They're delicate, yet still bold. These earrings are the perfect accompaniment to any evening wear but can also dress up a casual daytime outfit!

Mini Rhinestone Choker at Forever 21: C$13.90 (here)

Chokers are back and they're so chic! A rhinestone option can be so fun when paired with a simple silhouette like a black dress.

We hope this helped you get ready for your event! Don't be afraid to add color to your outfit with your accessories if you want to. Try not to be intimidated by different styles either. The most important part in all of this is to remember that you want to feel confident so wear whatever that makes you feel good!

All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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