March 6, 2018

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Tips & Tricks: Packing for a Road Trip

August 1, 2017


Hello reader! 

With the summer season soon ending, a road trip is often on everyone's summer bucket list. Whether you're only driving for a couple of hours or heading out on a much longer trip on the road, we've compiled a list of a few things everyone should bring with them on any road trip!

Keep reading to find out our road trip essentials. 

1. Snacks:

Everyone needs snacks, especially on a long road trip. Last time we went on a road trip, we were barely halfway to our destination and exclaimed how hungry we were, but didn't have any food with us. So bring food! Chips, cookies, even chopped veggies and fruit.


2. Water:

Keeping water on you is essential, especially keeping it cool. If you're on a longer road trip, the goal is usually to make the least amount of stops as possible in order to get there quickly. So bring a reusable water bottle that'll keep your water cool (and you'll use less plastic bottles). We like the Swell versions - they're lightweight, keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and keep your hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours! And they come in a bunch of fun designs. Click here to see the many sizes and designs they carry on their website. 

3. Entertainment: 
Depending on who you are travelling with, you'll either want entertainment to keep yourself occupied or keep everyone in the car occupied too. We like to bring things to read, so a good book or a magazine is essential for us. Load your phone with your favorite songs or playlists (coming soon!) to keep everyone occupied and jamming together! If those you're travelling with don't want music playing, bring your earphones to jam by yourself. And if you want to hold onto the memories of your trip, bring a camera! We like the instax mini - the little polaroids make great memories. You can get the instax mini here


4. A Pillow:

Depending how long your trip is, you might want to doze off for a little bit. And to make yourself much more comfortable, bring a pillow with you!

5: A Sweater:

It might get a little chilly while you're on the road and you'll definitely want to be more comfortable while snuggling with your pillow, so pack a sweater with you! Throw it on when you're feeling chilly and if you've forgotten your pillow, fold it up and prop it under your head for a makeshift one! This hooded sweater is from Forever 21 (similar).


6: A Jacket:

For added warmth and comfort, we suggest packing a jacket with you. Especially since the weather can change in the blink of an eye, it might rain or suddenly be really cold. So pack a jacket just in case. And if you don't need it, leave it in the car for when you do! The denim jacket pictured is from Forever 21 (here). 


We hope you enjoyed this post!

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Comment below and let us know where you'll be road tripping to this summer! And if you aren't, let us know where you'd love to road trip to!

All our love,

Casandra & Kristin


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