Food Series: Pizzeria NO. 900

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If you love pizza, then you need to try this place out. Pizzeria NO. 900 is a cozy and rustic restaurant with a classic twist. They have a wood burning oven and an exposed kitchen where you can sit and watch the chefs create your pizza. We visited their Ahuntsic location on 1021 Fleury East, Montreal but there are several other locations listed on their website.

Check out what we ordered down below and learn more about this amazing little pizzeria.

We hope you enjoy and please note that you may salivate and get a craving for pizza as you browse through our food pictures!

Although they do not allow you to bring your own wine, they have an extensive list of cocktails and drinks to choose from as well as a large wine selection. We heard the lemonade and bourbon cocktail is really good... just saying.

Casandra had the Spicy Pancetta and Figs pizza. It was an absolute delight! Topped with deliciously decadent goat cheese and sprinkled with fresh figs and pancetta. The fresh figs and the balsamic glaze sprinkled over top gave the whole pizza a lovely sweetness while the arugula brightened the decadent dish. The only issue, if there really is one at all, would be that it was definitely lacking figs and pancetta. The goat cheese was slightly overpowering in comparison to the amount of other ingredients, but the pizza as a whole was nonetheless delicious!

Kristin had the Mild Italian sausage pizza that was topped with green onions, hot peppers and pesto. It had a little bit of tomato sauce and cheese smothered all around and it tasted like a fresh homemade pizza. It was so light and refreshing! The dough was thin which made it so much easier to enjoy. It was the perfect dish to end the day with... a must try for sure!

To finish off our dinner, we indulged and shared a piece of their Tiramisu. It was a different take on tiramisu - more like a dough-y cake rather than the traditional cookie-layered cake. Although, not homemade, it was delicious nonetheless.

Overall, we were pleased with everything-the service, the environment and of course the food! It's a place we will definitely come back to! We hope you check this pizzeria out if you haven't already. It's a great location to hang out with friends or with family. Plus, there are affordable options!

That's it for now but make sure you look out for our other posts coming soon in our Food Series. We can't wait to share them with you!

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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