Food Series: Venice Restaurant

Hello reader!

We took a trip down to the Old Port to visit the famous Venice restaurant! After seeing this lovely little spot all over Instagram and falling in love with it's laid back decor, we wanted to give the place a try and see the hype for ourselves. After all, they do claim to have the best Poke bowls in Montreal.

The eatery is located at 440 Saint Francois Xavier Street. Make sure to pay close attention while you're on your way to it because you could easily pass right by the restaurant since they keep the door and windows wide open (during the summer, at least). Venice restaurant prides itself on serving locally made food and bringing a little bit of California to Montreal, which it does indeed the minute you enter the lovely little place. Visit their website here to learn a little bit more and take a look at their menu.

Keep reading to find out what we ate!

Casandra munched on some tortilla chips and guacamole, which was deliciously fresh and very tasty. Quite bright, in fact. A great appetizer to share with a friend while you wait for your main dish.

Casandra had the Shrimp Poke Bowl. It was her first poke bowl experience and a decent start to the new adventure of poke bowls. Upon first glance, the dish was wonderfully colourful and bright - very inviting. And it was in fact delicious! The shrimp was flavoured with a coconut milk and peanut sauce. The bowl itself included fresh ingredients and tasted like a healthy meal. However, as the bottom of the bowl became visible, the meal itself felt tiresome. Maybe the serving was too big, but it became boring quite quickly.

Kristin had the Tuna Poke Bowl . It was also Kristin's first time trying a poke bowl and she indulged in the entire plate from start to finish. It was the perfect dish for a hot summer day! The watermelon radishes and pieces of mango brought so much flavor and refreshment. The rice and slices of lettuce were dressed with poke sauce and spicy mayo. Overall, it was a filling and satisfying lunch!

Kristin had the Double Chocolate Brownie dessert to finish off her meal. It was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of walnuts. A very decadent and creamy mixture of flavor that was extremely mouth watering.

Although the food was delicious, we were a little disappointed with the service. When we entered Venice restaurant, no one immediately greeted us which made us hesitant about whether or not we should find a seat ourselves or wait to be seated. We noticed the waiters were bundled up next to the bar and talking among themselves. After waiting a few minutes, a waiter approached us and gave us a seat by the window. Also, we found it a little strange that our waiter had changed throughout the service. It was not a huge dissatisfaction, it was only an unfamiliar situation to see your waiter leave the restaurant and then have another one give you your bill.

Overall, it's a lovely place and we recommend maybe going for a quick bite and a drink but it's nothing overly extravagant. Venice restaurant gets a lot of hype on social media and that made us set high expectations for this place which were not fully met.

We want to provide you with the truth of our experiences which may not all be picture perfect. We will tell you the good and the bad about every place we go.

We hope you enjoyed our post and appreciated our honesty!

We would love to hear your feedback on our posts and let us know about any places you think we should visit.

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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