Tips & Tricks: Packing Guide Pt. 2

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Sit back, relax and take a deep breath. We are here with part two of our packing guide and this will relieve your stress when you have to pack your luggage for vacation. It can be a stressful task especially if you are doing it last minute or if you are taking a long trip. However, there is no need to worry because we are providing you with all our tips and tricks to make this process a lot easier for you!

1. Write a list

Make sure to jot down all the items you plan on bringing to your vacation. Make this list ahead of time and include a checkbox next to every necessity so that you can easily mark each element off your list. Include all clothing items, toiletry and electronic items-especially if you are not bringing a carry on. What you put in your luggage is a personal preference.

2. Bring lightweight and one-piece items

Include lots of dresses and rompers into your luggage. These pieces are lightweight and perfect to dress up or down! They are the easiest items to wear on vacation because you don't have to plan your outfit. Especially when going to a resort, wear your bathing suit underneath a dress and it will look super casual. Then at night, dress it up with a jean jacket and heels and you will look put together.

3. Limit the amount of shoes

Shoes can be heavy and can add lots of weight to your luggage. Therefore, limit the amount of shoes that you bring. We suggest to bring only a few and to wear the same ones throughout your vacation. The essentials would be a pair of comfortable shoes for your flight (like Supergas), sandals your evenings, flip flops for the beach and maybe a pair of heels (depending on your preference).

4. Pack interchangeable pieces

Aside from bringing single piece clothing items as suggested above, we also suggest bringing pieces that can be easily interchanged. That way, you have a smaller number of pieces, but a variety of outfits. The same can be said for swimwear! If your preference is bikinis, mix and match your tops and bottoms so that you always have what seems like a new bikini! If your preference is a one piece, utilize it outside of the water and wear it as a bodysuit to extend your clothing options.

5. Switch outfits with a friend

If you happen to be travelling with other people, we suggest possibly packing one outfit (including undergarments and socks) in with someone else's luggage and vice versa. This way, if one of your luggages gets lost, you have a spare outfit to change into and keep you comfortable while your luggage is being found. Also, if you followed our tip in our previous post, you'll have had two outfits (one in your carry-on and one in someone else's luggage) in the case that your luggage is lost for a longer period of time.

6. Utilize your luggage space

In order to pack everything you need with optimum space, we suggest folding all structured pieces and rolling anything that is a little more loose and flimsy and stuffing it in small spots of your luggage . Furthermore, use the walls of your luggage and stuff your shoes so the bottom of the shoe lies flush with the wall of your luggage. This keeps your inner pockets free for your smaller items (such a as socks and undergarments).

7. Avoid bringing hot hair tools

Blow dryers, straighteners and curlers add so much unnecessary weight to the luggage. Most hotels provide these hair tools, so perhaps try finding out before hand. Besides, leaving your hair alone after it has been in the water and sun all day long is the best thing to do. Comb you hair, let it air dry and leave it in a braid or a bun; it is so much healthier for you hair! Don't forget to pack plenty of hair ties and bobby pins!

8. Pack liquid products in Ziploc bags Make sure to secure your bottles of body wash, hair products and creams (including sunscreen) in Ziploc bags. Those that pop open are especially prone to open accidentally and that can cause a great mess in your luggage. Therefore, to avoid that keep these bottles together in a bag.

9. Use minimal makeup

Try limiting the amount of makeup and products you bring. Most products can be bulky and large, so we suggest stopping by Sephora to pick up samples at the store check-out. As well, if you have a Beauty Insider rewards card, you can use your points to accumulate sample sized items of your favorite products. If you need to do a full face, bring a small palette with you that has everything you need. We recommend the Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette that has a bronzer, blush and two highlighters. The perfect compact to achieve the glowy and bronzed look. We also suggest the Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette because it isn't too bulky and has the perfect array of warm and cool tones, as well as some glittery shadows. It also includes contour and highlight shades, brow wax and two brow shades, as well as a dual-ended brush. The perfect palettes to create complete and different looks.

10. Bring the essential toiletries

Keep your toiletries to a minimum - just the essentials. And if you can, opt for the travel size options. It'll minimize the weight in your luggage. As well, make sure you pack all your necessary medication (if you take any) and speak to your local pharmacist about any precautions you should be taking during your travels. Furthermore, pack a plastic bag in your luggage to store all your dirty clothes in. They won't get mixed up with your clean ones and once you're home, just dump them in your hamper!

We hope this post was helpful and provided some useful tips for your next vacation. If you haven't read our previous post, click here to check it out! It's part one to our packing guide and it will help you with figuring out what to put in your carry-on.

Be safe and happy travelling!

Where are you guys travelling to this summer? And if you aren't, where would your dream destination be? Let us know in the comments!

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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