March 6, 2018

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Food Series: Brit & Chips

July 25, 2017


Hello reader! 

We were strolling through Old Montreal and the Old Port and stumbled upon this quaint little place. We looked at each other and said: "Fish and Chips sounds good right about now."

It's located on 433 McGill, but they have multiple other locations, which you can find here. The restaurant boasts a simple menu, of which the main focus is of course, fish and chips. But each dish is made with a different type of fish - and they have a vegetarian option. So you can choose based on your preference of fish and the batter it's wrapped in! They've also got a large list of sides, all of which are exceptionally British. You can take a look at their menu here

Kristin had already experienced the iconic British dish while on a European trip and wanted to see if this matched what she had in England. 

Keep reading to find out what both ate and if Kristin's dish met up to her European standards. 

We visited Brit and Chips with one of our friends, Matthew, who enjoyed the meal just as much as we did! 

Casandra had the Sole, a lovely light fish and perfect base for the savoury, sour cream and onion batter it was wrapped in. It added another level of creaminess and the onion added a nice bite to the otherwise light fish. A generous squirt of lemon over top added that level of sweet citrus flavour. And their wonderfully delicious tartar sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the light and flavourful fish. A definite recommendation if you aren't a huge fan of fish but definitely want to try a variation of the fish and chips dish. 

Kristin had the Haddock Fish made with a maple syrup batter- a tasty combo of sweet and savory flavors. A squirt of lemon sprinkled over the fish added a freshness to the fried dish. A real treat for one who loves comfort food and it definitely matched her European fish and chips experience! Plus, the crispy fries just give it that extra amount of goodness. This dish is definitely worth a try! 

The restaurant is small but comforting and boasts quite a casual environment. Upon entering the restaurant, the hostess informed us that we could sit wherever we pleased. Furthermore, both the hostess and our waiter were excellent help when choosing our dishes and were incredibly nice and fun!

Overall, we had an excellent experience at Brit and Chips and would definitely come back again when the craving for fish and chips comes on. 

We hope you enjoyed our post! 

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All our love, 

Casandra and Kristin

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