March 6, 2018

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Tips & Tricks: Date Ideas on a Budget

July 27, 2017

Hello reader!

Dating, or even going out with friends, is fun but can get rather expensive. Going to a restaurant can get repetitive and sometimes there just isn't anything good playing at the movie theatre. So why not try something different?

Keep reading to find out places within the Montreal area and activities you can do at home that would be perfect for a date night or even for a gathering with some friends, but without breaking the bank!


1. Cook at home:

People traditionally gather around food. It brings people together and it's something nearly everyone has in common. So instead of going out to eat, why not stay in and cook! You and your significant other (or friends) can look up recipes (check out our Pinterest board centered around food here for some awesome recipes), take a trip to your local grocery store and get back home to whip up something delicious! It'll be a lot more affordable than going out to eat and just a lot more fun. Even if you're a group of friends, cooking together can be a great experience and you get to enjoy your meal even more knowing that you made it yourselves. 


2. Spa Day:
There are multiple spa options in and around Montreal, so you can find one that fits what you like and is close to you. Many of these places offer services at a discounted price depending on where you go. The baths at Spa Scandinave are priced at $39 from Monday to Thursday (instead of $55 from Friday to Sunday). The baths at Spa Le Finlandais have a similar promotion - Monday to Thursday, access to the baths from 8:30AM to 10AM and from 6PM to 11PM is priced at $29, and $39 from 10AM to 6PM. You don't have to spend full price to have a good time!

3. Go for a hike:
This year, Canada celebrated its 150th birthday! So why not grab your significant other or a group of friends and go explore everything that Canada has to offer! As part of Canada's milestone birthday, why not visit our beautiful national parks and do it all for free! Obtain your free pass to the parks by clicking here. And here is a list of all the national parks in Canada. It's a lovely idea for a date - you get to spend time together, get some fresh air and get a workout. And best of all, it's free! 


4. Picnic in the park:

During one of Montreal's (very rare) sunny days, head to your local grocery store or the corner store, grab some quick snacks and head to a park with a blanket! You can have a lovely picnic in the park while enjoying the rare but good weather, taking in all the city has to offer and enjoying each other's company. You can also make some quick sandwiches the evening before, pack them and bring them with you to your picnic. Bring a good book and some music and you've got a lovely afternoon ahead of you. 

5. Game night:

What's a fun and challenging idea for an evening in? A game night! Grab your favourite board games (or cards) and play away! You can play just between you and your significant other, or you can play amongst friends or even a double date and make it challenging. If you and your significant other (or friends) are competitive and enjoy a challenge, this is the entertaining evening idea for you! One of our favourites is Cards Against Humanity - it's lots of fun and pretty hilarious. 


6. Escape room:
If you're looking for something fun to do but still want to go out - and spend a little - an escape game is a great idea! Depending on the theme, you and your group (or other person) are trapped in a room and have to solve a set of clues in order to escape before the time runs out. It is quite a lot of fun and Montreal has a ton of options for escape rooms! A/Maze Montreal's least expensive escape game is the Lost Temple for $15/person, which you can find out more information by clicking here. At Impasse, the more people you are, the cheaper it is (click here). At Ezkapaz, it is $22/person from Monday to Thursday (click here). 

7. Drive in Movie:

We've got our very own drive-in movie theatre right here in Montreal! Its the cine-parc in Saint-Eustache! For $10 each, you can drive into the outdoor theatre, change the station in your car and listen, watch and enjoy a movie outdoors, just like you would in the 1950's (like that scene from Grease). And they play English movies on Thursdays. Click here for more information. 


We hope you enjoyed our post!

Comment down below if you would do any of these activities on your next outing or date! 

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin



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