Food Series: Le Passé Composé

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While strolling through Montreal, we decided to head out for brunch! After reading great reviews about Le Passé Composé, we wanted to see (and taste!) for ourselves what the restaurant has to offer. The small bistro is located at 1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve East but keep your eyes peeled for the restaurant because it can easily be missed while passing it! Click here to view their menu and see their meal options!

Keep reading to find out what we ate and learn about our experience at Le Passe Compose!

We were seated at the bar for our brunch, which allowed us to experience the more casual vibe of the bistro. Plus, it was fun watching the bartender make drinks right in front of us while we enjoyed our meal!

The overall vibe of the place was quite casual and catered to everyone. It was a nice place to lounge around and hang out in even after we finished our meal. As well, the price points of the meals were all quite decent and even surprising at times (in a good way!) for the generous amount of food we got for the price.

Casandra had the Authentic Grilled Cheese, which included a strong cheddar, prosciutto, an apple compote and a sherry reduction. It was topped with crushed almonds and accompanied by a salad. If you're a fan of anything both sweet and savoury, this sandwich is definitely a must-try! The salty prosciutto beautifully compliments the sweet apple compote and the sandwich as a whole is so comforting and satisfying. The side salad offers a wonderful freshness to the slightly greasy dish. The only real issue is the bowl the salad comes in - the leaves are stuffed into a small, square dish, making it hard to eat.

Kristin had the Bagel Passé-Composé, a classic dish that was given a delicious twist. Filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese with basil and fried avocado that was crusted with panko. Yummy! Who ever thought of frying an avocado was a genius! It gives more flavour and crunch to the bagel. On the side of the dish, was a salad with a Greek yogurt spread, a fried jalapeño and lime. Now, even if you don't like spices this really will give you another perspective. Plus, the Greek yogurt is going to cool your palate down right away! Even Casandra tried it and she thought it was delightful! This dish will fill up your appetite, warm up your palette and will satisfy your expectations. Give it a try and then let us know what you think!

The staff, although catering to a busy restaurant, were quite helpful and made sure we weren't forgotten about by checking up on us! Our waitress was quick to offer her help if we had any questions - she was very sweet!

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed our post and maybe you'll check out Le Passé Composé next time you're looking for a place to brunch!

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All our love,

Casandra and Kristin

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