March 6, 2018

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Tips & Tricks: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

December 5, 2017

Hello reader!

The Holiday season is upon us and while most of us students have finals on our minds, Christmas and New Years are fast approaching. It's the season of giving and receiving - to friends, family, coworkers. The events stack up quickly and so does the spending.

We've compiled a list of fun, cute gift ideas you can gift to your loved ones on a budget! They're cute and look expensive but affordable, so you don't have to spend too much. Plus, if you're stumped with what to buy your loved ones, hopefully this serves as a form of inspiration. 

We've separated the list into categories: Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Boyfriend, Gifts for Girlfriend, Gifts for Friends/Coworkers, Gifts for host. We've compiled these lists to fit any budget, from $20 (and under) to under $100

And when in doubt for a gift, go with a gift card or sweets, that's always a good option!

Keep reading to find out more!


Gifts for Mom:
Our parents are some of the most important people, and if you're anything like us, we want nothing more than to gift them the absolute best. However, sometimes our budget just doesn't cut it. Mom is the person you want to pamper and celebrate, thanking her for all that she's done.

TOCCA Crema Veloce set: $22 (here)
Get Mom these lovely and luxurious set of hand creams. Those winter months can take a toll on the skin so pamper Mom with skincare.

 Classic Faux Fur Beanie: $59 (here)
KyiKyi is a Canadian brand serving high quality outerwear accessories with both fur and faux fur options. Offer Mom a beanie so she's always comfortable!

MFLEURS Roses in a Luxury Box: $69+ (here)
These beautiful, Montreal made flower boxes are luxurious and heartwarming. Their selection of roses are beautiful and their high quality boxes will always serve as a reminder to Mom.


Gifts for Dad:
Sometimes Dad is the hardest one to shop for. You feel like he's got everything he needs and doesn't really ask for much else. Here are some ideas we came up with for the man who has everything. 

 Poraso Travel Shave Kit: $18 (here)
This compact shaving kit is a great gift for Dad! Whether or not he travels frequently, it's a great little kit so that he always has a backup.

 Montreal Quebec City Map Print: $26.31 (here)

They've got plenty of other cities too. Find one for his hometown or that of his ancestors! 

 S'Well Wood Water Bottle: $37/17oz; $46/25oz (here)

Get Dad one of these convenient water bottles. It's a reminder to keep hydrated and a great way to keep his morning coffee warm all day!


Gifts for Boyfriend:

Sometimes boyfriends aren't always the easiest to shop for. But you're probably the one who knows them best, so you know what they need and what they won't buy for themselves. 

 Leather Card Holder and Wallet: $31.58 (here)
I'm sure you've seen it: a tattered, old mess that's falling apart; It's your boyfriend's wallet. Get him a new one! This pack comes with a card holder that can act as a backup wallet.

 Cable Knit Sweater: $59.50 (here)

When in doubt, go with a sweater. This one is updated but still casual and can be dressed up or down!

Atari Flashback 8 Game Console: $82 (here
For your gaming guy, this vintage Atari is a console any avid fan of video games can appreciate. Or even for anyone who misses this classic console!

Gifts for Girlfriend:
Stumped on what to get your girlfriend? She hasn't given any hints as to what she wants? Or you haven't asked her and it's almost Christmas? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

 Cactus Ring Dish: $20.38 (here)

The adorable ring dish is a great added decor piece to any bedroom. She'll love this one - it's quirky and still chic!

 Boy Smells Beeswax and Coconut Wax Blend Candle: $29 (here)

This line of candles are so lovely and unique in their scents. Really an all around interesting gift!

 Mejuri Stellar Studs: $70 (here)
These earrings are unique and beautiful. They're casual but are still elevated. Show her that she's the shining star in your life!


Gifts for Friends/Coworkers:

The holiday season is a time for gathering with your loved ones. Sometimes that involves pot luck dinners with friends or coworkers and sometimes that even involves gift exchanges! Luckily, many of these involve a budget. So, if you've got a gift exchange this year or simply want to gift items to friends within a budget, we've got you covered.

 Sephora Cream Lip Stain Set: $15 (here)

This kit of mini lip stains offer all colours for any look any girl would want. A great stocking stuffer!

 Expressions Candle - It's Lit!: $24.50 (here)

This fun candle is sleek and cute and can fit perfectly with anyone's decor!

Coconut Milk Bath Soak: $46.87 (here)

Everyone needs something to remind them to take the time to relax. A bath soak is perfect for that person who is constantly on the go!


Gifts for Host:

Invited for a supper at someone's house over the holidays? Attending an at-home holiday party? If you'd like to bring your host/hostess a gift, we've got a list for that!

 Miels D'Anicet Specialty Honey: $9.95 (here)
A homemade or food item is always a lovely little trinket to bring to someone's home. This particular brand of honey is made right here in Quebec and come in a variety of flavours!

 Marbled Monogram Cheese Board: $38 (here)

A monogrammed cheese board is a personalized gift that's beautiful, practical, and meaningful! These come in a variety of colours but are chic because of the marble.

 Homemade Gin Kit: $59 (here)
Something fun and interesting for a host gift is an at-home gin kit! Perfect for your bartender connoisseur or your avid gin fan.


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your holiday presents to make shopping a little bit easier! Remember that these can always be interchanged between people depending on their style. 

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin



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