Tips & Tricks: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought we'd put together a little gift guide. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to get your significant other on this day, but really, it's the thought that counts!

So below we've got a gift guide, categorized by price (as always), to help you out on this special day! And even if you're single, why not use this gift guide to treat yourself to something special!

Keep reading to find some inspiration!

For Her:

Don't know what to get your girl? Don't want to be too traditional? We've got you covered!

Mini Heart Gift Box with 6 pieces of Chocolate: $7 (here)

Every girl loves chocolate, so you can't go wrong with a perfect box of goodies.

Mer-Sea & Co. Mini Spa Set: $32 (here)

Treat your girl with an at-home spa kit - she definitely needs and deserves this.

Self-Love Curated Valentine's Day Box by Alice Kass: $175 (here)

This box features a bodysuit, beauty products and a bean, all in a cute set!

Still want to keep it traditional?:

Your girl prefers a more traditional approach to Valentine's Day? Check these out

La Petite Eternel Rose: $39 (here)

This Montreal-owned company offers beautiful rose arrangements in a box she'll keep forever. This one is a singular rose in a beautiful round box.

6 Short-Stem Roses: $49.95 (here)

Keep it traditional with this beautiful bouquet of roses any girl would love.

9 Fresh Roses in Large Acrylic Flowerbox: $125 (here) Get her a beautiful box of roses in a box she can keep forever from this Montreal-owned company! Plus, the box allows your roses to stay fresher, longer. What's not to love?

For Him:

Show your man some love on Valentine's Day too! Get him a little surprise, he deserves it.

Fine Knit Hat: $17.90 (here) Get your man a new toque, to ensure his noggin stays warm.

Leather Phone case: $30.59 (here) This company makes beautiful leather goods, all handmade! Treat him to something special.

Crosely Harper Black Wireless Speaker: $94 (here)

Surprise him with something he's always wanted - a bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone.

For your Friends:

Your friends deserve some love on Valentine's Day too! Whether or not you or they are single. Show some love with these cute suggestions.

Sheer Heart Socks: $8.17 (here)

Show your girls some love with these cute af sheer socks, that are both festive and chic!

Will You Meme My Valentine? Valentine's Cards: $14 (here)

Send all of your friends a hilarious meme to show how much they meme ;) to you.

Winky Lux Mini Lip Pill Set: $20 (here) Get this lipstick kit and split it up to give one to each of your girls!

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and found it helpful! Make sure to like and share it!

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Don't know what to do on Valentine's Day? Stay tuned for our next post!

All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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