Food Series: Olive et Gourmando

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We recently took a little trip to the ever-famous Olive et Gourmando! The little brunch place located in Old Montreal is a lovely little hole in the wall - so much so that we walked past it and had to walk back because we missed it. They've got a small menu curated with yummy options (of which some are vegan-friendly) and they have a brunch menu for the weekend. Click here to take a peak at their menu and keep reading to find out what we indulged in on our first visit!

The atmosphere is cozy, although it is a little tight on days when it gets really busy.

Casandra had The Gustavo grilled panini sandwich. This was so yummy. On a cold and rainy day like it was during our visit, the cheesy and salty goodness of a sandwich was much needed. It features garlic and yoghurt chicken, with caramelized onions marinated portobellos and maple dijon dressing with havarti cheese. Really an indulgence and just oh so delicious. It was warm and gooey and the perfect combination of cheesy, salty and a little bit sweet.

Kristin had The Cubain which was super tasty! A hot pressed panini filled with pancetta, pork and a melting gruyère cheese. Definitely a more savoury dish! However, the key to this dish was their special mayonnaise spread; mixed with lime, cilantro, chipotle, and pickles. It gave a punch of sweetness and citrous. A very interesting combination that tasted delightful!

We hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know any other places you'd like for us to try out! We love your feedback and suggestions!

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All our love,

Casandra & Kristin

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