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Long time no see! We've been caught up with finals and exams, but now that's over and summer is here (unofficially, weather-wise, but y'know). We'll be bringing you so much more content, so stay tuned! 

Recently, we stopped by San Gennaro Café on 69 Rue Saint-Zotique East. This adorable little Italian café is a special place in the maze of Little Italy. Be on the lookout for this café because you can miss it - we did! Our GPS said it was on the left when it was on our right lol, so...

Click here to check out their website and get a glimpse of their menu to see what they have to offer.

Keep reading to find out about our first experience at this lovely café! 

San Gennaro Café was so kind and welcomed us with a choice of coffee and dessert. We both had a cappuccino which was so delicious! The perfect drink to satisfy us on cold, rainy day! Many Italian cafés don't have dairy alternatives or even lactose free milk. However, San Gennaro has three non-dairy options, which is so impressive. They even have macadamia milk which we never even heard of before! We were so impressed with their selection of non-dairy milk options. So for our fellow lactose intolerant readers, or anyone who is vegetarian/vegan/doesn't drink animal milk, keep this place in mind the next time you're in Little Italy and on the hunt for a good coffee without having any stomach issues.

Along side your preferable choice of coffee, you should definitely try one of their desserts! Kristin had the Bombolone which is a decadent doughnut sprinkled with sugar and filled with Nutella! Oh, so good! They also make some with cream filling! No wonder this is their most popular dessert! It is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! 

After staying for a few hours and watching the staff make their pizzas, we couldn't resist so we ordered two slices! Plus, it smelt so good, we felt that we had to try it out or else we would miss out! And indeed, they were delicious!

Kristin had the Caciocavallo pizza that had slices of potato embedded by caciocavallo cheese and pieces of mozzarella. It was so yummy! Plus, she couldn't resist to have the aranchino since it had been just taken out of the oven! That was so good too! It was filled with rice, mozzarella cheese and prosciutto cotto. 

Casandra had the breakfast pizza - a pillow-y dough featuring an egg and topped with fresh ham. It wasn't breakfast time, but this pizza can be eaten any of the time because it is absolutely delicious. Casandra topped hers with some chilli flakes for some kick and it just rounded it out perfectly. The fresh ham was so delicious and not too salty but salty enough to add lovely flavour. A well-rounded, satisfying pizza.

What we thought was so cool was that the kitchen can be seen through a glass window. So you can watch your food being made and pizza dough being rolled out. It was a different concept that we hadn't seen before in other cafes which gave this place lots of character and made it unique! It further connects the consumer to their food which is always a plus for us! 

This adorable Italian café also has a wonderful selection of imported products from Italy available for purchase. This display showcases the products that they use and stand by. We think this is a great concept and ensures their authenticity. They even have Italian playing cards perched next to the cash register, which you can purchase.

We hope you enjoyed our post! Let us know in the comments below if you've been to San Gennaro or plan on going! We'll definitely be back here soon!

If you have any suggestions for other cafes around town to visit, let us know as well!

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Casandra & Kristin 

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